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    A good deal on TG Royal Orchid Plus.

    Hi All,

    I stuck this in here so that it gets max exposure. If you have enough miles on TG to earn a ticket anywhere they have a great deal going at the moment, good through the end of September. If you use miles to get a ticket a companion flies for free on the same route and class with you. All you pay is taxes. It is valid on all routes and not just within Asia. Just call their call centre (02-2361111) and off you go.

    I can hear all you skeptics saying "not that F**king Call Centre" but they have totally revamped it since the Swampy-poom "party" last year and it really works quite well now.

    Cheers, TP

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    Great news mate and more beer and wine money when your down under!

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    that's excellent, cheers.

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