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    Way, Way South of the border now - thank God!

    Australian Slogan Poll - we could be rich if Tourism Australia sees our gems

    Here's where the pedal hits the metal, the rubber hits the road and Australia becomes the shining beacon of beauty, integrity and all that is wonderful in this world. (Well, it is advertising after all)

    Ok, I have asked my wife (who is unfortunately a Kiwi) and my secretary to select the worthwhile top ten.

    We'll have the poll last three days.

    Thanks all and to the winner all the green from everyone else who voted, please.

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    so where's the poll

    *stoopid Australians! couldnt organise a root in a brothel!

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    Come to Australia and join us in our national pastime of hunting and killing pommie backpackers.

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    in a state of mind
    ^ yes and enjoy the simple tracking methods becuase they smell so bad, they easy to find.

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