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    Simulators - should this be in the PC forum?

    I have, ( due to the new broadband connection) managed to download vast ammounts of pirate DVD's, Playstation Games, and much much more trivia.

    I have managed to get a hold of two great flight simulators - FSX, and FS2004, some train simulators - Trainz 2009 all of these my son loves and thinks are great.

    The problem I have at the moment is they have closed the local school for two weeks due to PIG FLUE !

    So now I have an 8 year old in the bed every morning at 5 am - and still raking round at 10Pm. And, for whatever reason he seems to think it is acceptable for him to pull his dick 3 times a day, yet cannot understand a bit of privacy for adults!

    Does anyone know where I can download a SEX SIMULATOR - preferrably BIT Torrent - as me and the wife are getting a bit pissed off!

    I was hoping for an "Orgasmatron" like Woody Allen had ..." Damn this things so slow"


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    teach him to shag the dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missismiggins
    I was hoping for an "Orgasmatron"
    So you're after a stimulator simulator?

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    I thought he was after a simulator stimulator?

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