My colleague took yesterday and today off to go to Thailand . . . not for the usual rub 'n tug extravaganza . . . but to get married.

He is already married here, his wife is a trog of the highest order . . . simply not a nice person . . . and she wouldn't give consent to him having a second wife . . . so he upped and went to Thailand with a high-school sweetheart, a widow.

It's a legal marriage, as the 'ceremony' was done by an imam.

It seems, so he tells me, that it is a very common thing to do for local Muslims who don't want to go through the hassle of the local scene.

When I questioned him about the 'morality' of hopping over the border to perform the tryst and how that gels with Islam . . . he simply said that very few Muslims fall into the category that non-Muslims would like to see them in.

Kudos to him (except his 'new' wife makes Mama Cass look like an aerobics instructor, but at least she is a very pleasant women)