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    A tribute to the Fish House Punch

    Occasionally when imbibing after one of those lunches that linger on until the early evening, or later, the conversation will drop off. One's drinking companions become somewhat stupefied and things generally reach a lull.

    In order to re-invigorate things I find few refreshments more effective than a round of the venerable Fish House Punch. A fine concoction of rum, Cognac and peach brandy (with some other stuff), it is truly a delicious beverage and has been known since 1732 if reports are to be believed.

    Again I must tip my hat to my American cousins for their wonderful ingenuity in the creation of delicious cocktails, occasionally the wonders of a G&T or even a Martini or Sling will not suffice, it is at times like these that the Fish House Punch steps in and hits the spot like few other drinks I know.

    A modern recipe for this wondrous revitalizer is something like:
    1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons superfine sugar
    2 ounces soda water
    1 ounce lemon juice
    2 ounces dark Jamaican rum
    1 ounce cognac
    1/8 ounce peach brandy

    I say modern because the original recipe included black tea and was a true punch, therefore made in a punch bowl and ladled out. This recipe works for a pretty decent approximation though.

    So, TD friends, what other refreshments do you recommend for re-invigorating a drinking session? (Vodka & Red Bull is not a valid submission )
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    I'd throw a perch or flounder in that to get people to shake their heads after taking a swig.

    I used to like yahoos. We drank these in school prior to They were two shots of white rum, one shot of coconut rum and some orange juice in a tall glass. At the time they did the trick. They were good for yahoos like us anyways.

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