I generally keep a tab open on the computer to keep an eye on Twitter, I ainty 100$ sold yet, but I think it can be used well, it all depends on you/how oyu follow and use it (and I aint interested in the people who tell me that they "just walked the dog" "feeling bored right now" etc. http://twitter.com/home

I try and follow news feeds etc. The recent bombings in Jakarta, I was more up to date that anyone else, Twitter broke the news first, the major newspapers were an hour to two behind, Now last night there was two earthquakes, one in the Andaman sea and one in Japan, both may have sent off Tsunami's so warnings were sent out.

BreakingNewsURGENT -- Officials say tsunami generated after earthquake in the Indian Ocean, size unclear. Full story: http://news.bnonews.com/ieywabout 3 hours ago from BNO Headquarters

BreakingNewsThe Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has retracted its statement for the Indian Ocean, saying a tsunami has not been observed at this time.

but then it was deemed safe enough and the news was broken that there was no Tsuanmis on the way...

BreakingNewsTsunami watch for the Indian Ocean canceled as damage reports come in from the earthquake in Japan: http://news.bnonews.com/ieyw

BreakingNewsJapan cancels tsunami warnings after strong earthquake; some damage and small tsunamis reported: http://news.bnonews.com/ieyw

a full hour LATER.... the NAtion reports

nationnewsTsunami warning for Thailand, other Asian countries follows 7.6-magnitude quake in Indian Ocean http://bit.ly/16LoJL