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    Learning something new...

    Going with the theme of the TD Lounge.Tell us what your day was like. Doesn't matter where in the world you are, we all have good and bad days.

    Yesterday I found myself shopping with the family at Central Bagna. After buying my fondue setup, I was ready to head back home and leave the wife and daughter to shop to their heart's content.

    After leaving Central, I hailed a taxi and told him where I wanted to go. FYI, my home is in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 112 otherwise known as Mooban Sammakorn. A big village on the outskirts of BKK fairly close to Minburi.

    The elderly taxi driver replied (in Thai) that he knew where Ramkhamhaeng was. So off we went. Now, it was been probably three years or so that I had been even close to Bagna Trat road. During that time tons of new overpasses and U-turns have been built. The driver was like I said an older guy...

    We went on a route that I had never seen before, but since I was not in a hurry why not wait and see what would happen.

    As the taxi meter hit 97 baht, we finally came across Ramkhamhaeng Road. Why did I not recognize anything. The problem was that it was Ramkhamhaeng 2. WTF?

    The heated Thai discussion began. I told him that he did not know where Ram was and did not have a brain. He told me that this was the only Ramkhamhaeng Road in Bangkok. I flipped him a 100 baht and got out of the taxi.

    After getting out of the taxi I sat down on one of the public bus benches and cooled down. Eventually, I hailed another taxi and told him about my Ramkhamhaeng Road adventure. He laughed throughout and said that is was common for local taxi drivers to only be familiar with their turf.

    Fourty-five minutes later, I reached home.

    Now to be honest some of this is my fault. In over 10 years of living here I had never heard of two Ramkhamhaeng Roads.

    Learn something new everyday...

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    Bt100 ain't bad. You saw new sights. Got home alive. Fondue up yet?

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    Things good so far today. I woke up this morning.

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