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    Be careful out there Mrs Q...

    Squirrels chomp on their chums

    CANNABALISTIC squirrels are going nuts for Walkers SQUIRREL flavoured crisps.

    The furry creatures just couldn't stop themselves making a dive for the Cajun squirrel snacks as soon as wildlife lovers Nigel and Camilla Cullum put a packet on their bird table.

    Tasty ... squirrel crisps

    Greedy for a snack, the little peanut thieves hung upside down and even crawled inside the bag to get every single crumb.

    "They can't seem to get enough of the squirrel-flavoured crisps," said Camilla, 54, of Milton Keynes, Bucks.

    "I bought a packet of them but I didn't like them as they were quite spicy so I put them on the bird table.

    "I was so surprised when I saw the squirrels tucking in, they seem to love them."
    The Cajun Squirrel crisps are one of six new Walkers flavours, which include Chilli and Chocolate, Builder's Breakfast, Fish and Chips, Onion Bhaji and Crispy Duck.

    They are inspired by the taste in parts of the United States for grey squirrel, which is served up in Louisiana, Kentucky and West Virginia in Brunswick stew.
    It is also now on the menu in restaurants and farmers' markets across the UK.
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    Are you claiming that Walker's Cajun Squirrel flavoured crisps are made with real squirrel ?

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    Squirrels are survivors. Will take most anything.

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