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    A quiet saturday afternoon....

    ..was the plan. Unfortunately it was disrupted by a local hoodlum getting himself blown away not 20 feet from my front gate.

    For the last two month a car has been parked on and off almost right in front of my house. Black car, black tinted windows, engine on. Often of a couple of hours at a time.

    Well, saturday afternoon as we were chilling in the front room, the wait was apparently over. Driver got out of the car and blasted (shotgun) one of the people from the soi as he passed by on his motorbike.

    We heard the loud bang, and looked out of the window - I recall seeing a cloud of smoke dispersing. Within second the screaming had started. The missus and I went to the front gate in time to see the car scream off, and the victim lying in the middle of the soi.

    Missus grabbed her phone and called the police (now she regrets that now bitterly!). Must have been 20 people around by now, and it was clear the victim was in a bad way. Someone got a truck and he was lifted into the back of it - I saw him as the van sped off - dead I would have said already.

    Police (a lot!) arrived within 20 minutes. Missus and I went inside while the police apparently only talked to one or two people. They did not knock on either my door - or the neighbours. They took a few photos and went off.

    The word came back the man had died (no shock there). This was 2 to 2.30 in the afternoon.

    By 6pm the police had their man after a minor shoot out. After driving all over the place, they nabbed him not half a mile from where he had done the shooting.

    This morning (monday) he was back to do the re-enactment. Less than twenty mnutes start to finish - from the time the first police arrived to when they all left. No fuss, no messing about - quick in and out.

    The whole street knows the details. They had seen the car obviously - but thought he was watching an ex-girlfriend of his. Shooting most likley down to a mix of drugs, money and the girl (street beleives she was seeing the victim after ditching the killer). the two were also involved in some drug dealings so who knows what the final motivation was.

    All in all a curious mix of planning (two months they had stalked!!) and stupidity - it was broad daylight!! - and he shot right in front of several people - a girl riding past on a bike - a food stall seller etc.

    Surprises included the fact that there were 5 people in the car (two caught) and the speed of which the police wrapped it up.

    The street is still on edge. Rumours of the killer having police conections (drug dealings) are around (which is why the missus is shitting herself about making a call to report the shooting) as well as the victims family making noises about settling the score.

    Just another quiet afternoon in a back soi in thailand.

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    Amazing Thailand.

    Those cops are good, eh?

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    Well beats watching soap operas on the box when you have a real life drama being played out on your doorstep !

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    Sure it wasn't some Thai TV soap opera being shot on an outdoor location?

    Wouldn't be surprised!

    Keep you head low mate!

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