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    Mr Hippo's Political Views...

    Not to be taken seriously!

    First of all, let me say that I am apolitical – no matter what a party’s manifesto is, it always translates after the election to ‘Screw the working man!”. Most Brits who listen to the Chancellor’s budget speech only wait to hear six words “Cigarettes – up, beer – up, petrol – up!” We have elections that are over in weeks but in the USA, they seem to go on for ever!

    2008 Campaign slogans – where are the scriptwriters? We all remember ‘I like Ike’, ‘All the way with LBJ’ and who can ever forget Thomas Dewey with ‘A vote for Dewey is also a vote for Huey, Louie and their Uncle Donald!”
    This year’s offerings are:-
    John McCain with ‘I was a prisoner of war’ – even Somchai in Nakorn Podunk knows that. The American people are not interested in what you were but what you will do for them!
    Barack Obama with ‘Yes, we can’ – it’s catchy but have we heard it before? It’s the chorus line from the TV series ‘Bob the Builder’.

    The Polls – Results from a UK poll will go something like this ‘Conservatives 5%, Labour 5% and 90% said ‘I’ll vote for the posh one, he should never have been selected for Big Brother.’
    Meanwhile over in the States, they put the polls under minute scrutiny:-
    “In Alabama, we polled elderly black women who play bingo, watch Oprah, paint their toenails but don’t eat cornbread…”
    “In New Mexico, most illegal Mexican workers would vote for…”

    The TV interviews – don’t you just love them?
    CNN interviewing Billy Joe Bob and his wife Sue Beth:-
    CNN “What do you think about Obama?”
    Billy Joe Bob “Not a lot, we only drive through there when we are going to Georgia.”
    Sue Beth “Not that Obama – the other who is a Tibetan monk!”

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    No thank you.

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    OP is confusing. Can you clarify.


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    i think its something about the merkin elections thats been going on now for about 10 years thats nearly here, well almost as soon as they figure out who they are gonna get to have a go, wish they would maake up their minds and get on with it so they can go start another war some where

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