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    Roasting a Hedgehog

    Shagging lots of birds makes you live longer!

    At last scientific proof!

    Polygamy is the key to a long life

    Want to live a little longer? Get a second wife. New research suggests that men from polygamous cultures outlive those from monogamous ones.

    After accounting for socioeconomic differences, men aged over 60 from 140 countries that practice polygamy to varying degrees lived on average 12% longer than men from 49 mostly monogamous nations, says Virpi Lummaa, an ecologist at the University of Sheffield, UK.

    Lummaa presented her findings last week at the International Society for Behavioral Ecology’s annual meeting in Ithaca, New York.

    Polygamy is the key to a long life - being-human - 19 August 2008 - New Scientist
    You, sir, are a God among men....
    Short Men, who aren't terribly bright....
    More like dwarves with learning disabilities....
    You are a God among Dwarves With Learning Disabilities.

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    i reckon you won,t live too long if your missus finds out about your bit on the side,bound to shorten your life span

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    Japan is a polygamous society?

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    Japans best kept secret (or was).
    Mistress keeping goes on out there, but tends to even more discreet than Thailand.

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