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Thread: Dd Goes To Jail

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    Dd Goes To Jail

    yes, folks

    dd finally ended up in jail, sent here by unanimous decision of a bunch of tv mods, who have been carefully monitoring his previos attacks on suspected child molesters from the great tv forum.

    they finally figured it was possible to do so, after discovering a fatal flaw in the td jail forum:
    the "new thread" button at the bottom of the page in mkp, which made this post possible!!

    his other crimes include:
    serial thai male bashing
    use of profound language
    owning and promoting a free-speech thai-based forum
    providing amnesty for tv refugees who were banned for the serious crime of speaking their minds.
    other charges are being investigated, and renegade td members are invited to add to the charge sheet at their discretion.
    as usual, full anonymity is guaranteed.

    it is speculated that dd will not spend much time in jail, though, due to nepotism and corruption amongst mods and sympathisers amongst the infidel td clique, but solutions to this problem are being sought and there is a rumour that a certain member (or ex member) of td, one "stroller," who will, for now, remain anonymous, has promised to supply the necessary information which will enable the sentence he suggested (50 lashes across the dick with a wet shoelace) to be carried out without a public outcry.
    all that mr. stroller has asked in return is a lifetime supply of dogmeat and two fresh young underage ladyboys for a night or two.

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    careful mate, in true thai fashion, DD will counter sue.....

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    Lose the Key.

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