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Thread: funny bad luck

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    funny bad luck

    i know i should,nt have but i could,nt help meself but bloody laugh, so a mate of mine turned 55 so he went out and bought himself one of those great big ugly triumph triples 2.2 ltr or something, he,s only a little fella about 5foot fuck all, so there he was propped up on this ugly looking machine as proud as punch, and keen to give it a good seeing to, we wouldnt have gone more than 100k,s when he got grabbed by the filth 40k over going through a road works 680 dollar fines and then there,s the licence, the bike has,nt even got 100ks and hes done the lot, gotta say i could,nt help but laugh especially when we got back to his place to show his missus the new bike, and her reaction to the fine..
    so what amused you lot this weekend?

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    ^^fokin nightmare!

    They always put up the signs saying roadwork speed restrictions are enforceable but I have never seen them actually doing it. Better keep my eyes open.

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