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    Chang House,Ayutthaya for live music,indian curries,chicken wings and beer!

    Things you accidentally say.....

    I went to DreamWorld with the misses and her three girls a while back.
    I told her I'd buy her something nice if she went on the Viking Ship,to which she agreed.
    After screaming her way through the ride,she staggered off and said in a loud tone "Why did you make me go on the Wanking Ship"!!
    Most of the people around were falang so heads turned and I was trying not to piss myself laughing.

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    31-01-2011 @ 09:29 PM
    Rawai Phuket
    Many years ago I used to roll my own ciggies and my son regularly went to the shop( bribed with the promise of the change to buy sweets) to get the baccy.

    I went in myself one day and the staff started pissing themselves laughing .

    The reason ?

    My lad always asked for a 2 oz tin of "Golden Vagina " ( Golden Virginia!)

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    17-01-2018 @ 12:27 PM
    I love the way my wife says coke

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    Couple of years ago I took the wifey to the UK. All the family out for a meal, kids and everything and she tried to say "couldn't" . Could have heard a pin drop

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    In the tin
    On a holiday to Phuket in 2002 my wife told me where and where I could not 'pork the bike'.

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