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    06-10-2018 @ 05:27 PM

    Do some of them tomboy-looking girls turn you on?

    They sure do turn me on, not all of them but the ones with nice hair and soft looking skin.

    I don't go for the obvious ones who go out of their way to appear unattractive, you know, baggy jeans, no arse showing, glasses, awful short hairdo, miserable face, no breast shape on show at all, etc

    I once had a relationship for about two months with one, earlier this year, and she was well up for everything. Odd thing was she was a tomboy who fancied experimenting. She would tell me stories of what she'd do with her girlfriends.

    Nice, it was while it lasted. I still get the odd booty call from her at 1am. Trouble is, she now lives in Bang Saen.

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    11-11-2018 @ 05:44 PM
    Klong Samwa
    ^Latent homosexual tendencies.
    Come out you will feel much better.

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    18-10-2019 @ 02:25 PM
    Location: Location: Three sausages went to the station, and wound up at immigration!
    I quite like 'plain girls' - as long as they don't smell or anything.

    Quite often they are just as pretty as the 'pretty girls', but just alot less pretentious..

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    Well, not the Tom but the bird that is usually sitting next to them.
    Mostly honeys and the ones I have seen.
    Got a thing for lesbians anyway.

    You may be surprised about how many Thai females have had some sort of lesbian affair sometime in their life.

    Then again, (Thai men) you can hardly wonder why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Pat
    They sure do turn me on, not all of them but the ones with nice hair and soft looking skin.
    Damn, I was going to start the same thread after seeing a lovely one the other day at the restaurant, mind you she must have been in their late 30s, but she was hot with her short hair and elegant look,

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