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    Choose the next Bangkok Governor

    I'd vote for Chuwit

    How would you like Bangkok to develop over the next four years: as a city of cultural tourism, a city with a good quality of life, a city without vice, or kept just the way it is?

    Here are the positions of possible candidates to succeed Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin after his term ends in the next few months.

    Chuwit Kamolvisit, former deputy Chart Thai Party leader, was the first to announce he would contest the election. This is Chuwit's second attempt for the post - and he is confident. He believes he is the only one who really challenged Apirak last time around and though Bangkok voters chose Apirak then, he deserves his chance now. Other candidates should wait another four years, Chuwit says.

    People might be surprised to learn that the former massage-parlour tycoon proposes to turn Bangkok into a city of cultural tourism - though he has not expanded on exactly how he will achieve this.

    Since night-time entertainment venues are common in cities famous for their tourism, he has no plans to crack down on these businesses, but he will halt new construction projects such as roads or bridges to cut expenses.

    Former Democrat MP Kriengsak Charoenwongsak has also announced he's in the running. After quitting the party last year, he has decided to run on his own to be free of the party's interference.

    Kriengsak says besides his ties to his hometown, he wants to use the knowledge and ability to help the underprivileged gained from joining a group doing social work in Bangkok and the Northeast. His plan is to turn Bangkok into a city with a good quality of life; a more caring, sharing city.

    Kriengsak says he will be a dedicated governor who will work for all Bangkok residents, not just certain groups. He also has support from various sectors in the city to help him.

    Television personality ML Nattakorn Devakula or "Khun Pleum" is another candidate for the governorship. He plans to crack down on night-life areas, especially where prostitution takes place - and wants to improve the manners of bus drivers.

    With the dream of becoming a politician, Nattakorn says the coming election could be a good start for him. However, he will pull out if high-profile figures like Purachai Piumsombun, Somkid Jatusripitak or Banthoon Lamsam contest the election.

    The Democrat Party's executive has not yet decided on a candidate for governor election, but Panich Vikitsreth, a former deputy to Apirak, is likely to get the party's backing.

    Panich resigned as Apirak's deputy last month, saying he wanted to dedicate his time to help party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva. However, he said he was ready to represent the party in the upcoming election.
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    I'd like to see someone develop the riverside areas. The only nice place I can think of which is next to the river is the fort near KSR.

    The footpaths could be sorted out too and vendors moved to designated areas that don't hamper pedestrians.

    It would also be nice to have more of a cafe culture here, but I guess you need to have culture for that to work.

    Otherwise, things seem to be inching in the right direction. Public transport is improving with new buses and the train network.

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    Need someone that will push hard for a public infrastructure network. Such as extended Skytrains, commencement of the MRT projects. Better road network. And finally impose a congestion fee for inner Bangkok. And those who actually pay any tax get the rights drive in inner Bangkok Free of Charge.
    Motorbikes with 600CC up should be allowed on all expressways and motorways. Think Pattaya in 30mins on a 1,000cc Superbike!!

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    ^Great, and a natural selection cull on muppets too!

    To the OP - Mr Soapy Soapy Massage Man Chuvit any day. This town needs to get back to its partying roots and put a smile back on everyone's face!

    Edited to say (and deflect flames) - yes, I do remember the Soi 10 demolition job. Yes I did slag him off after that, but compared to more recent events here................

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    Chewit is the guy with the tache who is always surrounded by girls right?

    Yes, I like him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbs
    or kept just the way it is?
    How it was 10 years ago would be even better - but with the BTS and MTR of course.

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    Apirak to return.

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