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    16-06-2016 @ 06:39 PM
    Chang House,Ayutthaya for live music,indian curries,chicken wings and beer!

    Last night I had a dream about.......

    .....shagging a pornstar!

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    Yesterday @ 09:02 PM
    Same nightmare I have been having since Friday the 13th

    Mrs cooking some bamboo shit in a cut down 44 gallon diesel drum>

    Tossing and turning all night trying to work out how to connect the damn drum to her motor cycle>

    Being busted by the F.D.A and being thrown in jail with Stroller, Milkman and whoever else from T.K whose been bunged up.>

    What a fcukin nigtmare. MUM MAKE IT GO AWAY

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    Yesterday @ 09:39 PM
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    i had lots of troubled dreams last night. I think it was because I am sleeping without aircon

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    Funny you should ask...

    I dreamed I was in a Dali-esque Marina district Sitting at a cafe with my Ol lady. Some of the buildings were brightly painted, with wave-like facades, some were art deco renderings of the typical Marina district homes. The colors were vibrant, it was dusk and contrast seemed to be exaggerated.

    We were sipping espresso and discussing how different and clean SF is compared to Thailand. THe ol' lady began to rant abut how expensive everything was when an earthquake struck with a large bang (thunder this morning?). The force of the quake crumbled the less liquid looking buildings. The facia of the two buildings obviously designed by Salvatore himself sheared off and skittered down the street towards us Like some kind of Ribbon candy-shaped locomotive.

    The building tripped over the curb, causing it to tip and fall towards us. The ol lady sitting not two meters away, were burried in rubble. I was left sitting at teh table undisturbed with my coffee cup in my hand. The rubble was like Styrofoam, and I easily extracted my woman from the mess. She was unscathed. I guess not all the rubble was styrofoam in the abrupt silence I began to hear cries for help and moaning. There were no screams. All seemed quiet; polite.

    After a stunned moment we began to work. Digging through the wreckage we found dead bodies, badly mangled and the stunned living. What we found the most were badly injured folks with compound fractures and lots of blood. We found Willie Brown (ex-mayor of SF).

    We had our victims collected, the fire dept arrived with utility trucks and began to set up a med station. We were enlisted into triage. Willie was a goner. Not dead but a few minutes from it. There was nothing to do but make him comfortable in the middle of the goddam street.

    Two dudes in plain black suits with skinny ties and Rayban Wayfarer IIs came along they rushed Willie to the med station at the head of the line. There was an argument about this. As we fought the point becam moot, Willie died. One of the suits whipped out a coupon book, scribbled a few lines, peeled off a sticker and stuck it on the side of the utility truck. He nodded towards the injured, dead and dying as he handed me the book, "This never happened, Willies dead; that's OK. But this never happened."

    I turned to look at the people on gurneys or laying on blankets in the street. I was so fuckin pissed off that they had to wait for Willie to die to get help I was speechless. They loaded Willie into a van, drove off. Another dead body rolled out of the med station Some slapped another sticker on the side of the truck. I turned to go to work. I woke up. I had a headache.

    Any dream analysts out there?
    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty -- T. Jefferson

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    02-11-2016 @ 08:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by friscofrankie
    Any dream analysts out there?
    I recognise some of those references. Too many jugs of wine with 10 tab additives.

    Nice piece of writing.

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    07-11-2011 @ 08:50 PM
    i never seem to remember my dreams but i know i've had a good one when the misses questions me in the morning about all the muttering and noises i was making

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    Roll one for me FF

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    dreamt I was back in the UK having to work for a living.
    What a nightmare!

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