From the 'Zombie March' in Melbourne kind of reminds me of TD

A horde of undead wannabes have descended upon Melbourne for the
city's third annual 'Zombie Shuffle'

Hundreds converged on the CBD in their finest zombie paraphernalia, bringing lashings of fake blood, corpse-inspired make-up and elaborate prosthetics.

The huge turnout was the result of a viral invitation most prominently featured on Facebook, where 1334 people had confirmed their attendance and thousands were listed as 'maybe'.

It was impossible to know how many really turned out, but the sea of undead grew as it stumbled and lurched through the city.

Police were earlier informed of the march route, which passed through Swanston St, Federation Square, Southbank and finally Crown Casino.

Many onlookers were curious to know if group had an agenda, but event organiser Clementine Bastow told ninemsn the zombies were marching because they could.

"Why not?" Ms Bastow said. "There's no real reason. I'd like it to happen every weekend."

Many participants had gone to great lengths to perfect their look.

Most bystanders managed a laugh, even as they were set upon by wide-eyed and moaning participants dripping in 'blood'.

So next time you're out and about keep watch for any suspicious characters particularly interested in brains.

...and to think this was all organised through the power of Facebook!