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    Scary thought. Thailand to go nuclear !!

    Australia 'to sell uranium to Thailand'

    07:26 AEST Fri May 30 2008
    3 hours 17 minutes ago

    Australia is 'eager' to supply Thailand with uranium.
    By Ron Corben

    Australia has indicated its readiness to supply Thailand with uranium and nuclear technology to aid the south-east Asian nation's moves towards energy diversification.
    Australian Ambassador Bill Paterson conveyed the offer to assist Thailand in its energy strategy and development during talks with Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.
    "The prime minister (Samak) told me that he is committed to looking at the nuclear future for Thailand, but in the interim period... he looks to Australia as a source of good high-quality steaming coal for that," Paterson said.
    Paterson told the prime minister Australia was one of the world's leading suppliers of uranium and a major producer of liquefied gas.
    In February this year the Thai government launched a three-year $US33 million study of nuclear power, intended to examine site location, feasibility, public acceptance and development of technical skills.
    Paterson said he outlined Australia's long track record as a reliable, competitive supplier of coal to Japan, adding Thailand would look to Australia for energy supply, whether it be for coal, gas or uranium.
    Thai environmental activists have waged a long campaign against the import of Australian coal for a seaside electric power plant in Maptaput on the Thai east coast. In 2006 activists protested the delivery of a shipment from Newcastle.
    Thailand's main source of power is gas from neighbouring Burma. It plans to diversify energy sources over the next decade.

    Australia 'to sell uranium to Thailand'

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    excellent, only slightly better than indonesia building reactors.

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