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    top of soi 2

    unwanted oral skills

    I thought these vikings were tough
    The Local - Women held for raping man in Stockholm
    Women held for raping man in Stockholm
    Published: 27 May 08 18:03 CET
    Online: The Local - Women held for raping man in Stockholm
    A 41-year-old woman in being held by police in Stockholm on suspicions of raping a 30-year-old man who went home with her after the two met at an area pub on Monday night.

    Woman charged over violent rape (22 May 08)
    44-year-old admits to selling wife for sex (21 May 08)
    Youth club leader in child rape scandal (16 May 08)
    According to police, the two were hungry and under the influence of alcohol as they made their way home from the bar.
    “She invited him up for a little midnight snack,” Towe Hägg of the Stockholm police told The Local.
    Once getting the man up to her place, the woman began to make sexual advances toward the man, which he resisted.
    “We don’t know if it was a ‘no’ or if it was more than a ‘no’,” said Hägg.
    After the man refused to have sex with the woman, she then performed oral sex on him against his will, according to the Aftonbladet newspaper.
    The man called police the next morning to report that he was raped.
    The woman remains in police custody while prosecutors determine whether or not to file formal charges.
    so fess up, anybody ever been held down and given a blow job against their will? good paper by the way and i'm moving to stockholm forthwith
    we won it at wemberlee
    we on it in gay paree...

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    Quote Originally Posted by reinvented
    anybody ever been held down and given a blow job against their will?
    yes, terrible it was.

    but interesting case....

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    on pacific ocean, south america
    And this guy is complaining.

    Lucky, guy.

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    Knee deep in it
    She could of been a hag of a woman, really hairy and looked like a bloke

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    Hell of a reaction though, c'mon we've all had a shag we regretted, but that's what alcohol is for.

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    my misses regularly rapes my against my will cant say i mind at all

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    they just latch onto your cock , and because you are afraid of getting your cock bitten off you have to submit and put something warm into their stomachs.

    You have to keep it a secret , for the shame

    and the fact the missus might get wind of it

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    I need to see a pic of the woman before i can pass judgement.

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    Yes, A pic would be nice, but as had been said, Thats what Alcohol is for, there never is an ugly woman at 0230.
    Maybe thats why he didnt call the cops until the next day and he got a little sober and seen what a beast had been sucking his dick.

    Lots of times I went to bed with Raquel Welsh and woke up with Mammy Yokum,.

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