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    Why You Make the Same Mistake Twice

    We sure do learn from our mistakes, but what we learn is how to make more mistakes, new research shows.

    This seemingly counterintuitive idea comes from a study of a phenomenon called tip of the tongue (TOT), detailed in the most recent issue of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
    Why You Make the Same Mistake Twice - Yahoo! News

    Now there is a scientific explanation for why I have gone through 3 wives and numerous girlfriends.

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    Read the article I get this often enough when I am writing and have learned to put in a place holder word or phrase then move on not consciously thinking about that "missing word." Your mind will work it out in much less time on it's won with out you beating yourself up trying to remember it.

    The three wives??? Keep trying, eventually you'll find the right one. Or die of old age; smiling.
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