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    The story of a city name.

    Well boys, another year has gone past. - the best comments to the year 2007 was quite apparently the following one:

    In Thailand, when a male reaches the age of 18 they are invited to participate in a ceremony of passage to adulthood, which is celebrated in the center of the village, surrounding the central fire and attended by all the natives in residence, and accompanied by considerable consumption of food and drink amid singing, dancing and all manner of joyous festivities.
    At the appointed time the native boys that are reaching maturity are formed into a large circle around the fire and stand there motionless and stark naked facing inward towards the fire.
    Then, accompanied by a haunting musical rendition of native
    music, the most beautiful girl in the village is honored to perform a sexy dance, naked, around the inner center circle.
    Behind each boy is a naked native girl that he cannot see.. As soon as all the males are excited and have erections, the girls behind them reach between their legs, and pull their erect unit downward and back through and then on a signal all release them.
    Their units spring back up and go loudly "WHAP" against their bellies. This is considered measurement of their strength and of youthful masculinity.
    And that's why the capital of Thailand is called Bangkok.
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    yes. I remember it well

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    I'm not even sure this should grace MKP - maybe straight in the trash?

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    Maybe Tristram could post it for the holidaymaker on ThaiVisa. It's definately a bit cheesy

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    So the story about that being what happens when you go sideways through the door at Suvarnabhumi was crap then?

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