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Dalton took care of booking the hotel.

He got on the internet & being a man of taste, secured a nice classy place by a lake in Bangkok. He wasn't too worried about the lack of pictures on the website, as he knew that for 10,000 Baht a head, per night, it would no doubt be top of the range.

He keenly entered his credit-card details & rang the other members to let them know he had sorted the hotel.

The first one to get the call was DD. He was enjoying a family day out at a karaoke party in Jomtien.

His young son answered the phone.

Next to get the call was Blackgang, who hadn't quite grasped the concept of these new-fangled moblie phones.

Not everybody could make it though, such as NickA.

Stroller was pleased to be invited.

With all the phone calls made, everybody made their way to the hotel.

Spin was the first to leave, as he had the furthest to travel. He put his favourite song (Cool Rider from the film Grease) on repeat on his iPod & set off.

CMN set off next.

But for some reason he never arrived. Some speculated it was because his tyres had finally sent him to his doom, others reckoned he's gone to Hua Hin on the sly

As the gang arrived at the hotel, one or two began to think that there had been some mistake.

As everybody parked their bikes, Memock stormed inside to have a word. Unfortunately, the receptionist wasn't in the mood for complaints.