Well it seems some of the ideas in the teachers forum are being acted upon, several Thai schools have contacted TeakDoor and are asking about ways to implement some of the new ideas, so I told them I would put their questions into the forum.

From a school in Songkhla;
"Hi, I have been reading your site for months and think it is the greatest site in the world, anyway, we would like to get our male farang teachers dressed up as women once per week, nicely though, not like some Essex slut or bar girl, any suggestions on how we broach the subject with our male farang staff?"

From a Bangkok TEFLer;
"I have been collecting litter around the area I live in Bangkok for several months now, I think it is great and it is also great fun, sometimes with empty beer bottles they are not so empty and I go home a bit tipsy, also you can find some great food left overs outside fast food places, although I have found my best feasts in the bins, thats why I wear a disguise so my pupils wont recognise me."

and here he is out in the streets and Soi's of Bangkok.