Amazing Cockpit Video Of Unusual Trident Ballistic Missile Test May Point To New Warhead
Experts agree that the video may show a high-speed "depressed trajectory" that would be used by the controversial new W76-2 low-yield warhead.

No less than four D5 Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles were fired from the USS Nebraska off the Southern California coast between September 4th and September 6th, 2019. We detailed this rare test in an article posted shortly after it occurred. Now, a video we received shows one of these launches from the perspective on an Airbus airliner's cockpit as it flew from Guadalajara to Tijuana, Mexico. Any rocket or ballistic missile launch from such a perspective is fascinating to see—as the aircrew's dialogue proves—but the one recorded appears to have been potentially unique and quite timely considering ongoing U.S. nuclear weapons developments in response to peer state competition abroad.

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