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    Chinese county bans wedding guests from 'egging' grooms and tying them to trees

    Images of grooms tied to poles and doused with beer are common on Chinese social media.

    The Chinese tradition of wedding hazing, which can include humiliating and sometimes violent pranks, has been banned by several county authorities in China who slammed the practice as a "sign of declining morality".

    Key points:

    • The hazing tradition known as hunnao dates back thousands of years and was originally intended to ward off evil spirits
    • A Shen county notice also warned against "indecent role playing"
    • Videos posted on social media show unhappy newlyweds being doused with flour and cream

    Stripping grooms and tying them to trees or telephone poles, as well as egging and pouring beer, sauce and other food items onto the happy couple, are now punishable offences according to a WeChat post on Sunday by authorities in Shen county in the Eastern province of Shandong.

    Nearby Rizhao county also recently announced a crackdown on the practice, and in December, the Ministry of Civil Affairs urged local governments to regulate "vulgar" wedding customs including lavish weddings, costly betrothal gifts and hazing.

    The Chinese Government called for an end to "vulgar" wedding customs in December

    The hazing tradition — known as "hunnao" in Chinese — dates back thousands of years and was originally intended to ward off evil spirits.
    While the custom often amounts to no more than playful jokes, in rural areas of China, guests have been known to take the practice to extreme levels that on occasion have resulted in serious injury.

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    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”


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    ^ It's a Chinese thing? My friends told me it was an old Kentucky ritual performed before any major event, like getting married, getting a new dog or horse or even buying a bottle of bourbon...the fuckers!

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    Reminds me of a 'roast' taken to the next level. I guess stag parties in the west and this thing in the Orient has a common groove going?

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