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    Drunk? Blame the Durian!

    Chinese police officer appears to fail breath test after eating durian

    Chinese website Pear Video broadcast footage of a police officer taking — and failing — a breath test shortly after eating some of the world's "stinkiest" fruit.

    China's legal blood-alcohol concentration for driving is 0.02 per cent (about 20 milligrams per 100 millilitres).
    The breathalysed officer returned a blood-alcohol concentration of about 0.36.

    Pear Video ran the experiment after a motorist in China's Jiansu province was pulled over and failed a breathalyser test.
    He was filmed protesting the breathalyser's finding, saying he had just eating durian.

    A blood test appeared to prove him right, confirming there was no alcohol in his system, the BBC said.
    Pear Video warned drivers to avoid durian if they planned to drive, and said lychees and some mouthwash brands could also return a false reading.

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    Whoa...that looks like an excellent durian. Love love love durian.

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    I ate some durian yesterday. Luckily I didn't drive afterwards but I wonder how much durian you can eat before failing a breathalyser test.

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    I failed a driving test - in Thailand.

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    were you in a coma?

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