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    Thinking Airbnb - choose carefully

    Airbnb urged to review policies after family discovers camera hidden inside smoke alarm

    A New Zealand family is urging Airbnb to review its privacy policies after they were greeted to an unsettling discovery: a hidden camera, livestreaming their movements.

    Key points:
    • Nealie Barker said the owner of the property told her the camera had been installed to "protect his investment"
    • She is calling on Airbnb to review its policies and ban hidden cameras from its platform
    • In a statement, the company said hidden cameras were strictly prohibited, and the family had received a full refund

    Auckland couple Nealie and Andrew Barker were travelling through Europe with their four children and niece when they checked into the listing in Cork, Ireland last month.

    But when Mr Barker, an IT consultant, connected his mobile phone to the house Wi-Fi, the evening took a strange turn.
    There, on the list of networks, was an ominous device: "IP Camera".

    To the family's horror, the device provided a live video feed of the living room, recorded from a camera hidden inside a smoke alarm.


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    He actually called it IP Camera?

    Looks like that lot needed the free stay. There will doubtless be a queue of previous guests now claiming the same.

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