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    You could get married in the pub under new laws

    That's a bit dangerous.

    Changes to the marriage laws are set to be announced in next week’s budget, the Government has said. A cash boost proposed for the hospitality sector will mean more hotels, restaurants and pubs could be able to hold weddings following a review of marriage law, a spokesman said.

    The chancellor is expected to say he wants to make the outdated rules around wedding venues ‘simpler and fairer’, and reduce red tape, while continuing to ensure the dignity of marriage ceremonies is preserved. To do so, he is expected to say the Government will ask the Law Commission to review the laws around wedding venues in England and Wales.

    A spokesman said: “In its 2015 report, the Law Commission established a strong case for the need for reform. So the review will look widely at how and where marriages can take place in England and Wales. “It will also look at how to accommodate the increasing demand from couples to have a legally binding ceremony outdoors, which is permitted in Scotland.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrybarracuda View Post
    while continuing to ensure the dignity of marriage ceremonies is preserved.
    Bit too late for that once you allowed fagots to get married.

    Kidding, of course. I love them gay. I may be one myself.

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    Give popping in for a quick one, one for the road and I'll have what he's having a hole new meaning

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    "You could get married in the pub under new laws"

    uhm... how 'bout divorced?, could certainly speed things up a bit

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