Why has President Trump pursued the Pocahontas label?
Same as he called Jeb lazy and Lyin Ted mud sticks

Bernie Biden Pelosi all look like losers but Elizabeth Warren looks like she can pull the magic rabbit form the hat, the whiff of hope and social justice.

It does not of course mean she is good sincere able, but as the old saying goes if you can fake sincerity.

She looks like the DNC's best champion for 2020 and the GOP is terrified , unable to dump Trump they would prefer Sanders a more polarising candidate or someone as reviled as Hilary.

We all have ancient interrelated DNA so what recent admixture should hardly be relevant compared to talent experience.Goaded to do the DNA she's got that under the bridge and can now try to convince just a few million voters in the swing states to be well "swingers".

I think she may be electable, unless Trump dies/resigns /impeached , Pence will keep the seat warm for Romney who can beat alcomers bar perhaps Mike Bloomberg