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    Headless arm-less corpse washes up on Thai beach

    Headless arm-less corpse washes up on Thai beach

    Villagers on Koh Libong in Trang made a gruesome discovery yesterday when a headless and arm-less corpse washed up on the beach.

    Police and the phoo yai ban went to the Ban Laem Yakha area to retrieve the body that was naked and decomposing.

    They were unable to say whether the deceased was a Thai or foreigner.

    An autopsy is being carried out at Kantang Hospital to try to find out what was the cause of death. Sanook

    Headless corpse washes up on Thai island beach
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    An interesting suicide...looking forward to finding out how he managed it.

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    ^ assisted suicide

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    In a not dissimilar para-eagle tragic tale a washed up ESLista was identified as a Mr Duncan Donut of Cheesefridge Mansions Bournemouth and had come to SE Asia short time to purchase a WebMongers site to add to his Portfolio.

    He was about to the ink the deal when an ironic twist he had the misfortune to be bested by a revolving Propeller falling from Air Hi-due to the onbored Coke having blurred lines.In an incredible coincidence his nickname at Eton was "Thicky"

    His remnants will be posted home to TC in a thatched casket in keeping with Pastafarian tradition going back dozens of days,his ashes will be encased in a tastefully engraved Polly-straining MacDonald's box and Mounted Lanna Style.
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