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    Regime guarantees and welfare, that's what fatboy wants, though in light of recent events neither guarantees anything.

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    Palace Far from Worries
    The press kit from the Trump-Kim summit included a USB fan.

    Experts don't think it's safe

    It seems harmless enough, plugging in a free USB-powered fan on a hot day.

    But when it surfaced on Twitter yesterday that the item was included in a press pack handed out during the US-North Korea summit,
    it immediately drew concerns from some cyber experts about the potential for hidden malware.

    So could they actually contain malware?

    The likelihood is very high, the director of University of NSW Canberra Cyber Nigel Phair says.
    "People trying to infiltrate computer networks often use hidden software on thumb drives where they are given out at a conference
    or contain promotional material, whatever it might be," he said.

    "People studiously go back to their work environment, plug it into their machine and it's the greatest way to bypass a whole
    lot of security controls."
    According to Oliver Knox, chief Washington correspondent for broadcaster SiriusXM, at one summit, "White House aides raced into
    the filing centre to tell reporters not to use them".

    Our fingerprints never fade from the lives we touch

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    what kind of idiots plugin usb things given to them for free into their PC ?

    probably harry of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by jabir View Post
    Regime guarantees and welfare, that's what fatboy wants, though in light of recent events neither guarantees anything.
    No he doesnt, he wants to be the one to bring real peace to the peninsula and he along with Moon will do it. They will find a 2 country solution and sign a comprehensive peace and cooperation treaty. Trump will want to be part of the process so he gets the credit and that Peace Prize. Moon has already said he can have it as long as 'we' get our peace.

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