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    Pattaya Punter gets free Circumcision from tin trap

    Italian man in Pattaya suffers painful penis injury inflicted by braces wearing "girlfriend"

    Channel 3 News reported on the plight of a foreign man in Pattaya who recently suffered a painful injury to his penis.

    The man suffered lacerations to his penis after his girlfriend, who wears braces, was performing a sex act on him.

    The man’s penis became entangled on the wire of the braces and resulted in him suffering a deep cut to his manhood.

    The incident was revealed by Dr.Nan Pitipong Srichaiyoruk who posted about it on the Facebook page of Thai Smile Dental Clinic in Jomtien, Pattaya.

    The post has now been shared more than 33,000 times.

    According to Dr Pitipong, the woman involved is one of his clients and contacted him after the injury to her boyfriend.

    On Wednesday, Channel 3 caught up with Dr Pitipong who is now warning other men of the dangers of receiving oral sex from someone wearing braces or a retainer.

    However, people commenting on the post criticised Dr Pitipong for sharing such a story claiming he just wanted publicity, with one poster saying he wanted to be the “talk of the town”.

    But Dr Pitipong said his intentions were meaningful and sincere and he genuinely wanted to warn to others and not drum up free advertising for his clinic.

    Meanwhile an unknown farang was last seen hobbling towards a taxi shouting Airport Signor.

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    Always avoid the black and Decker pecker wrecker.

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