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    Sticky Fillings

    Seems a bit steep, I recall hoping to collect sets from tea packets, but I guess mum bought only usual amount of tea. Seems a terrible con.

    I'd almost eat a pattaya Piles placemat or an orphan pie than a $1000 Panini alla Lulupissimo.

    Filling Panini World Cup sticker book estimated at 773

    Filling this year's Panini World Cup sticker book costs 773.60, twice the cost for Euro 2016, according to maths expert Prof Paul Harper.
    he pages contain 32 squads of players, plus managers, stadiums and World Cup legends, totalling 682 stickers.

    A pack of five stickers has risen from 50p to 80p - a 60% increase.

    If you buy 137 packets and never get the same sticker twice, it will cost 109.60, but this is "extremely unlikely", says the professor.

    Prof Harper, from Cardiff University's School of Mathematics, worked out a formula to include the least probable number of duplicate stickers.

    In the end, he demonstrated that on average you would need to buy 4,832 stickers - or 967 packets - to complete the Italian-made book.

    Sticking point

    One cost-saving measure is swapping stickers between friends, but even with that tactic, filling the album would be expensive.

    With 10 friends swapping, it could still cost them an average of 247 each to complete the album, according to the professor's calculations.

    In 2016, he made the same calculations for the 680-space Euro sticker book. It was 374, meaning the cost has more than doubled.

    While the Euro competition only had 24 squads - 10 fewer than the World Cup - there were only two fewer stickers in the book printed two years ago.

    "I can still recall the joy of finally completing my first Panini album as a young boy for the 1982 World Cup in Spain," said Prof Harper.

    "Filling an album has become progressively more expensive over the years since then, not just because there are typically more teams competing now, but because Panini have become more creative about allocating spaces."
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    What's worse is they place them near the checkout till at child height.
    They even give you the book with some starter cards for free to get you started.

    Scheming b'stards.

    Wait a few weeks and there's dealers selling full albums on fleabay for 50 .

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    I had a filling replaced yesterday. IDR250,000 about THB570. Bargain.

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