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    What was your last invitations

    Among the subtly worded invites (i.e spam to join Nigerian millionaires, Boots loyalty Club, Tesco Lotus Elan etc).

    Usual invitations hereabouts are a paper stuffed thru the gate

    Which means bring 200 baht the yokels are burying someone during a card game with added toothess dwarves,monks and karaoke cabaret.

    Bring a portrait of dead esteemed famed celeb someones wedding or farang please come, pretty please with farang whisky our daughters having a shotgun wedding so we've only get cases of Hong Thong n Chang etc....we promise not to get you pissed on the good stuff.....

    Skype assed me if I wished to upgrade to Skype4za or the Dicky roaming app, I've sent the terms and conditions for my lawyer Granpa to read on parole

    Then came this cunningly worded invite,

    "How do you dress?"

    Must be in error or they'd been cc'd Citiwank's cheeky offer to proffer me credit 5555

    BROWN WINZER SUPPER Etiquette rehearsal audience May, no Taighs or dogs

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    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    I need a new wallet for all those crisp new banknotes. No one has offered so far. I’m kind of attached to the old leather thing. It’s a microcosm of my life in Asia.

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