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    CHINA - Bicycles - Transport or Trouble?

    You can either read the text or watch the related videos ... both explain the Story.

    China's oversupply of shared bikes creating piles of broken, unused bicycles on city streets

    A spiralling oversupply of shared bikes in China is leading to huge piles of broken and unused bicycles in cities across the country.
    Over the past year, about 30 companies have madly pumped out millions of new bicycles from factories,
    distributing them in major centres in a battle for market share.

    The two biggest companies, Ofo and Mobike, claim to collectively have 20 million users registered with their services.
    The bicycle boom has revived cycling in a country that was once affectionately referred to as the bicycle kingdom,
    prior to three decades of high-speed economic growth that flooded the streets with cars.

    But now there is growing concern about a bubble, as big investors rush to pour money into bike sharing.
    The key appeal of the shared bikes — that they do not need to be returned to a dock — is proving problematic in busy spots,
    where bikes are piling up and blocking pedestrians.

    As new bikes roll off production lines, workers for Ofo are busy fixing tens of thousands of twisted and broken bikes piled
    up for almost a kilometre on a Beijing backstreet.

    One worker told the ABC he fixes about 20 bikes a day, which are then placed on trucks and unloaded near subway stations around the city.

    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”


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    Neither here nor there
    These bikes are a menace. Taking up valuable walking space on sidewalks, ridden by twats staring at their phones with zero spatial awareness.

    Remove them all. Want to ride a bike - buy one.

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