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    Boycott Cooper's!

    ...for inadvertently putting their product in the middle of a contentious issue...I mean: bible phrases on a can of beer? Shareholders might be wondering who's in charge...and how to get rid of himi (because it's almost always a him):

    Coopers beer: Gay marriage row prompts boycott in Australia
    14 March 2017 (BBC)

    A video features a host and two MPs with opposing views on same-sex marriage
    Australia's largest independent beer company has found itself at the centre of a boycott over a video discussing same-sex marriage.

    Several Australian bars have dumped Coopers Brewery after it was featured by religious group the Bible Society.

    The video shows two MPs debating their opposing views on same-sex marriage - which is not legal in Australia - as they clutch Coopers beers.
    It has led to claims Coopers is against marriage equality, a claim it denies.
    The backlash has gathered pace in recent days and, by Tuesday, a string of drinking spots in favour of same-sex marriage had boycotted the brand.

    How did the backlash begin?

    The Bible Society posted the "Keeping It Light" video on Thursday. It features conservative MPs Tim Wilson (for same-sex marriage) and Andrew Hastie (against) debating the issue in what they call a "civil and respectful way".
    Coopers has since claimed it "did not give permission" to be included in the video. However, the brand recently celebrated the Bible Society's 200-year anniversary with a commemorative beer featuring Bible verses.

    In the video, Mr Wilson argues: "I believe that it would be sensible to change the act that deals with issues around civil marriage to include two people regardless of their gender."
    Mr Hastie counters: "I'm for retaining the current definition of marriage, which is between a man and a woman."

    Despite Mr Wilson's inclusion, critics interpreted the video as one-sided. One commentator said Coopers risked sponsoring a "political act by a religious organisation", while another said "homophobia lite is still homophobia".
    "I have respected Coopers all my life, and it was crushing to realise that as a queer person, they don't respect me," wrote Chloe Sargeant for the Special Broadcasting Service.

    How have bars responded?
    Opposition to the video has picked up steam since the weekend. By Tuesday, at least eight drinking spots in Sydney and Melbourne had publicly declared they would not stock Coopers. One widely shared video showed two people throwing full bottles in the bin.
    Luke Hiscox, from Sydney's Union Hotel, which plans to take Coopers off tap, said people were upset by the phrase "keeping it light".
    "That irks people because for them it's not in the slightest a light topic," he told the BBC.

    "I don't think they really realised what they were saying."
    Another venue, The Old Bar in Melbourne, said it would boycott Coopers because it was "very obvious that our values are at odds".
    What do those involved say?
    In a statement, Cooper said it was not "trying to push a religious message" with its commemorative beer range. It maintained it had not sponsored the video.
    "We respect the beliefs of our community and do not wish to try and change them," the company said.

    In a subsequent statement, it said it had cancelled the release of its Bible Society commemorative cans and would be joining Australian Marriage Equality. ""Our company supports marriage equality," Director of Corporate Affairs Melanie Cooper said.

    Coopers has denied it is pushing a religious message.

    Bible Society chief executive Greg Clarke said the video sought to have a "civil conversation on a serious issue".
    "At first I was surprised the reaction was so immediate and extreme, but then on reflection [I] wasn't surprised because this really seems to be how social media works at the moment," he told the BBC.

    Is there room for debate?
    Mr Wilson has described the boycott as absurd, saying it only proves the value of the discussion.
    "I'm disappointed Coopers appears to have distanced themselves from a sensible conversation that they should be proud to align themselves with," he told

    Advertising commentator Jane Caro agreed the video was not promoting a view. She said same-sex marriage advocates were often suspicious of religious messaging.
    "They have lost patience and lost tolerance for the idea that there should be mutual respect on both sides," Ms Caro told the BBC.
    "I think Coopers have probably inadvertently found themselves in the eye of the storm."

    Coopers beer: Gay marriage row prompts boycott in Australia - BBC News <<for images...
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    Seriously, I really, really REALLY don't give a fuck about LGBT issues or their rights one way or the other and I will not be boycotting coopers, in fact I think I'll drink extra coopers just to piss off the social justice warriors. Things are getting way out of hand with these snowflakes.
    Had to laugh when Trump repealed their right to use whatever toilet they chose.
    "In my professional assessment as an intelligence officer, Trump has a reflexive, defensive, monumentally narcissistic personality, for whom the facts and national interest are irrelevant, and the only thing that counts is whatever gives personal advantage and directs attention to himself."

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    I've recently returned from 3 weeks in Adelaide- the home city of Coopers- and can gleefully report that nobody gives a flying ratsarse about this nonsensical 'controversy'. Nobody is boycotting Coopers beer, or Coopers pubs. Nobody gives a toss, one way or t'other. I never even heard it mentioned- just read some drivel on the interweb.

    Incidentally, South Australia was also the first State in the world to give women the vote (the first nation was NZ, across the Tasman), and our somewhat infamous Premier in the late 60's was Don Dunstan- gay, and given to wearing pink hot pant suites to parliament. It was also the first state to appoint an indigenous Governor. Hardly illiberal, bible bashing, or hostile to LBGT's!

    Drink Coopers- it's real beer.
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    Companies usually pay quite well for product placement.
    As shown in Cujo's post, any negative reactions will probably be countered, and then some.
    Any publicity is good publicity and Coopers have scored twice; Once with the debate and now with the controversy.

    I'm sure the bean counters at Coopers will be forecasting a rise in profits.
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    Even Qantas Airlines has issued a ring for the staff to wear on their finger promoting
    LGBT rights,wonder how many staff who say no to wearing one will be harassed.
    Also Emirates is a Qantas partner,be interesting how the muslim owners would like that,but the Qantas chairman is a gay Irishman and he is all for this social engineering.

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    What would Jesus say....?

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    in t' naughty lass
    Jesus would say "I thought tomcat was against things being banned?"

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