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    Winter + Russians + Crappy Cars =

    From the 'Only in Russia File' ...

    FORGET LAWN BOWLS, HERE COMES ... A car curling tournament !
    Held in the Russian City of Yekaterinburg.

    During the competition, four teams of 10 people each pushed small Russian-made Oka cars towards a target painted on an ice rink.

    Engines, gear boxes and other heavy parts of the vehicles were removed to make them lightweight and to facilitate the curling for competitors.

    Every team had nine attempts to get their three cars closest to the centre and could crash their vehicles into one another to gain the upper edge.

    "We allocated our force right. We had an excellent strategy: we knew which car to push first and which at the end, and that's why we won," Andrey Gubaydullin said.

    The idea for the tournament came to the organisers, managers of an insurance company, after a number of car accidents caused by black ice.

    "In autumn and spring, when there is black ice, something like auto curling happens on the roads," tournament organiser Galina Kirkach said.

    "Once my friends brought me to go curling, and this reminded me of that [black ice]. And an idea came to me to change stones for cars."

    ... and to think ... that same idea, a contest amongst friends, was the concept that eventually led to the Tour de France ...


    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”


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    + shitty drivers crashing a lot.

    Check out YouTube, man.

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