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    Why is she crying Oh My God?

    New excellent value from yes 555 a night motel near C Rai airport, all clean great bathroom 40 sq metrefridge sat tv all mod cons but wafer thin walls , from next door continual moans , what does it all mean?

    MANA Hotel, Chiang Rai (City, Vhiangburapha Rd.)

    One passable exegesis here

    Having sex increases spirituality and 'makes people more likely to believe in God' | The Independent

    Hormones released while having sex can increase spirituality and belief in God, scientists have claimed.

    According to the research, the release of oxytocin not only promotes social bonking and helps childbirth in women, but also stimulates increased feelings of religiousness.

    A research team from Duke University in North Carolina carried out a study in which they boosted levels of oxytocin in middle-aged men and found increased self-reported spirituality on two separate measures and also that this effect remained significant a week later.

    Now where's my monk's habits?
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david44
    Why is she crying Oh My God?
    She saw him rising up from the dead followed by the second cumming.

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    The basic Merkin reponse to anything above fuckwit level is Oh My God, also reduced to OMG by the illiterate and Awesome by those who can spell.

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