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    By the flippos and roaming

    That required way out fly ticket

    There is this company renting tickets for 9.99 in place of buying one...

    Philippines is such a country where you are required to have a way out ticket asked at your boarding place.

    They will purchase a real ticket for you valid just couple of days that will be canceled right after your arrival at destination, somehow...

    Here the linky...
    Monday,Tuesday, then it goes WTF !

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    Sounds like a good scam. Plus a really well done website. It seems the old trick of buy an expensive full fare economy ticket you know is fully refundable, and just dont use it and cash it back in. This company seems to have consolidated that idea to sell to more and now with the internet add the masses.

    I think they just got too greedy. A few refunded tickets on certain flights no big deal but now they are going to have full fare tickets being refunded. After the adds lots of them.

    Going back I remember the start of Chinese bucket shops on the west coast of the USA, in fact I rode that wave. But as they got bigger and bigger IATA became aware of what was going on and shut them down.

    No way the airlines or IATA will put up with a large loss in revenue. So the bigger the scam, which is legal right now the more attention it will attract. I think from the airlines losing revenue in this case.

    But worst case scenario you arrive at the airport with your "rented" ticket. Denied boarding. Then you simply find the next flight out on the lowest cost airline you can find.

    Still over the last 30 years or more its been one heck of a nice loophole. But full fare means just that. The walk up one way price to where you are going. The highest legitimate fare available.

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