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    Malaysian netizens fume over ‘shallow’, stereotypical article on Chinese women

    IT’S 2016. And yet articles titled “8 Reasons Why Malay Men Like Chinese Women” still proliferate our Facebook newsfeeds and Twitter feeds.

    Posted to local website on Monday, the article notes that interracial relationships are more common these days in multicultural Malaysia.

    The writer said they sat down with a few Malay men, who shared eight (eight! How auspicious) reasons why Malay men prefer to date Chinese women.

    First things first, they like that Chinese women have “white skin” that is attractive and soft like popular Korean artistes. Then the list moves on to their “slender”, “hourglass-shaped” bodies.

    The men also liked that Chinese women tend to be......

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    But they have bad teeth and flat faces don't they?

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    Don't many Malay women have headscarves to deter many men?
    It's inevitable these men will stray, given this arrogant and feminist approach
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