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    School boy crush??

    School boy crush...Just for laughs:
    Many, many moons ago me and my best mate in a UK grammar school had a really serious crush on Miss X the 18+yo Biology teacher. We planned and implemented a cunning plan to cut a lock of her hair…wore it under the lapel of our blazers for a year or two…Poor woman is probably dead or in an old folks home by now.

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    Are you dead or in an old folk's home now?

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    My teachers where too ugly,old and plain Nasty to get a crush over.

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    We had a quite cute stand in teacher for English literature. She asked the class to do an assignment which involved reading out a passage from a book and analysing it.

    One wag chose a scene from "The Exorcist" which involved quite a lot of thrusting and a vagina.

    It was funny as fuck watching her blushing like a beetroot while he was trying to keep a straight face.

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