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Thread: Bali visa run?

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    Bali visa run?

    Bali visa run?
    Some friends of ours expect to take a vacation next year in Bali from Phuket by virtue of the fact that their daughter is an Air Asia flight attendant.
    It will likely coincide with my need to renew my visa by marriage. Great opportunity for a short break so considering joining them.
    Anyone had occasion to use the Thai consulate in Bali (assuming there is one) . Any specific requirements?

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    Terry57 has spent some time in Bali, but not sure about the Thai consulate. You may try to PM him, or he may be along shortly.

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    This is updated from Feb 2015, so hope its all still good. At least there is a phone number.

    Getting a Thai tourist visa in Bali

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    I received a Tourist visa for Thailand in Bali 2 years ago. Very easy, done and dusted.

    It is only a small consulate, Not sure whether they will extend Marriage Visa though, I have a gut feeling that this Visa is not their department.

    Google it up.

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