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    Chiang Mai - Immigration Office

    CNX I/O does not have a good reputation for service.
    Recently, I spent 16 hours getting my Retirement Visa extended for another year.
    Arrived @ 6.30am. They opened @ 8.30am.
    I received queue number 24 & was advised to return @ 2.30pm.
    Processing took 15 minutes.
    Then, SURPRISE!
    Come back at 5pm as the boss signs the approval.
    Home @ 8pm.

    Is there a more efficient method but excluding visa agents who charge about B5k to expedite the process? ie hold your hand.

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    Yes - MOVE!

    Seriously, CM has got to have the worst system in the country at their (now) 2 Immi offices. Where else in LOS do you have to queue up in the fuquing middle of the night to get a visa/renewal? I lived in Pattaya for a while - and although I didn't like the town, their Immi was (and still is, I guess) top notch, where you could turn up at almost any time in the day and still get served.
    At CM Immi - if you're not one of the (about) 30 first people there at 08:30am, then you're almost certain to be told "come again tomorrow" - where you can fuquing start all over again.

    When some poor cvnt suddenly falls dead in the queue, something may happen to improve the situation - but until then, I doubt things will get any better. If it's any consolation, you was pretty lucky to get a ticket - after arriving so "late" in the day! Next time, do like the others and come at 4 or 5am! Some even turn up before 3am......can you goddam believe that?!

    This is Thailand - no official in CM gives a flying one - that is until it's all over the media and they can't back out of the situation any longer.
    I've learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.

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