Crime scene In-vest-nation stories so weird you couldn't make it up.

A Marathon 8km too long , what a drag

Beauty to keep her prizes despite lies
Wuth Jintakham
The Nation

Proposed income on ID card....

Improved Education via less school?

To boost economy Rice farmers told not to farm rice

BANGKOK: -- "Thais are unable to account for almost three-quarters of their expenses - or more than Bt60,000 a year - due to "mystery spending", according to Visa.

Mystery spending is not from misplaced or stolen cash, but cash spent that the consumer is unsure of where it went'

Concrete shod Australian enthrals 100s with his Air-con cleaning Saga, May become a Hollywood Movie/Theme Park

Blatter splattered, FIFA maybe disbanded and rebranded as Brandy

Murdered Thai monk's body burnt, 'lost'

Train travelled from C Mai noon and arrived in Bangkok without falling over

Of course could be worse it's murder on the Orient Express

BANGKOK: -- The locomotive of the Orient Express train which carried about 200 European tourists from Singapore caught fire as it was travelling between Kanchanaburi and Wang Yen railway stations this morning.

Orient Express train locomotive catches fire but no one was hurt - Thai PBS English News

3-year-old Thai girl attempts DIY nose job with squid shell in Thailand

3-year-old attempts DIY nose job with squid shell

A spokeskatoey said LOS has so many Hubs they've lost count.

Xmas stuffing
Nightclub decorates Christmas tree with TAMPONS to help revellers through festive 'period' - Mirror Online