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    The zombie apocalypse has started....

    DUBLIN - Police say a 24-year-old Brazilian man has collapsed and died on board an Irish aircraft after becoming frenetic and attacking a fellow passenger.
    Sunday night's Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon, Portugal, to Dublin was diverted to the southwest Irish city of Cork, where paramedics pronounced the man dead on arrival. Passengers said he had bitten a man sitting near him and crew members sought to handcuff him before he lost consciousness. A doctor and nurse on board failed to revive him.
    Cork police arrested a 44-year-old Portuguese woman travelling with the Brazilian man after discovering 2 kilograms of suspected amphetamine powder in her suitcase.
    The bitten passenger was admitted to a Cork hospital, while the other 165 passengers and six crew members travelled by bus to Dublin.

    Brazilian man bites fellow passenger on Irish flight, collapses and dies | CTV News

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    Began [figuratively] some time back...

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    Heading to Erin the isle of Scribble?
    Your flightmate starts to dribble
    Not Cunny Lingus BJ premium care
    Gombeen cattle class Ryanir
    Jeez Holy Week for a free nibble

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