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    lost in translation or helpful bladdy locals

    There has been a number of house robberies around these parts lately, in one case a mate had everything in the house taken, including his shoes and the chocolates in the fridge....

    So when I went away last week (for 2 weeks) I didnt wanna tell the newspaper guy to cancel my newspaper for 2 weeks, bit like advertising you're gonna be away and for how long.

    So I asked the maid to get next doors maid to collect my paper each morning.....the 50 cents for a paper not read each day sounded like good insurance...

    turns out she explained the entire F%$^$%kn story to the idiot delivery guy on his push bike and told him to just push the papers each day under the door instead....

    Great work, but lucky i didnt get robbed , this time.

    tell me about the times when you've had some really great help from a local....
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