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    What Is Fogbank?

    This is so weird, and I'd never heard of it before so I had to post it up :

    When the US Navy set out to refurbish their W76 warheads, a significant part of their nuclear arsenal, they ran into a serious problem. Once they opened up the warheads, they discovered a classified material code-named “Fogbank” that needed to be replaced. Except that no one knew how to make it.
    Fogbank was made in the 1970s and ’80s, and there were very few records detailing its creation. Anyone involved with it had already left the agency. This led to a $23 million attempt to create a replacement material, which ultimately failed. Another $69 million was spent to rediscover Fogbank’s manufacturing process, which was successful.
    Although Fogbank is critical enough for the Navy to invest $92 million of taxpayer money to recreate it, no one except those involved in the project knows exactly what it is. A former manager in its development went on record as saying that its composition, use in the weapon, and method of creation are all classified. Experts suspect that it’s a kind of aerogel that functions as an “interstage” in the warhead, surrounding the fission and fusion parts of the bomb and transferring energy between them. Whatever it is, it’s a reminder that even the most critical pieces of technology can fall victim to the “fog” of time.

    10 Unsolved Nuclear Mysteries - Listverse

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    Sounds like a BS story to me.

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    Italians have same. Called bigamist.

    The devil made me type it.

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    some misty eyed are looking for it on wankfonk

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    the point of fog bank is to produce a rigid, inflexible material that is easy to mould and form. It needs to be of little substance so that its X-ray transparent, but dense enough to form a maelstrom when excited.

    The secrecy is because this material is highly controversial....

    you see fogbank is people.

    Yes its true... after testing loads of meteral the only thing we could find that that ridge, inflexible, mouldable, formable and X-ray transparent was the brains of tea partry americans. Every year we invite these people for tours of our facilities were we extract their brains and wrap them around our bombs.

    when I first started in this job i was a little worried about the morality of the job, but i have since discovered that these people are so stupid that they, their friends and relatives do not notice we sucked their brains out. I mean look at boomers and exit strategy both victims of my employers program... not a brain cel between them... yet they are able to carry on with their lives unhindered, whilst we are able to use their brains to refurbish the bombs that will keep american save int the next century.
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