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    Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks....

    I am getting dangerously close to 'retirement age'. Having retired from two careers already; that's not something too worrying ... but the thought of not doing all the things life has to offer, before kicking the bucket, does worry me a little.

    There were a lot of possible paths to take when I was young and I often wonder what I would have become if I had chosen to turn left instead of right or carried straight on instead of listening to others and doing a U-turn.

    I have also learnt many things later in life that if I had known before would have made me change direction and done something completely different....and I do mean different. For instance, I was scolded in a music lesson when I was about 10...for something quite innocuous like tapping my foot to music and never set foot in the class again....

    ...which brings me to the reason for the thread.... I want to learn to play a musical instrument, specifically a piano. Lots of reasons for this from my childhood and the fact that several Doctors have quipped: "You won't be playing a piano again" following broken bones to fingers and hand. Having rejected music at school I progressed to multiple finger breaking fielding in the slips and goalkeeping.

    The main incentive for learning the piano is actually so I can teach my grand niece in Thailand. She is only 3 but I can see something in her that I never saw in the others...a real talent for getting into mischief, wanting attention and, above all, enjoying playing a laptop 'piano' with me.

    Although I regard myself as tone deaf and can't play any musical instrument, I have spent a few weeks learning the basics. I can read a basic score and know the major and natural minor scales. There is a free OU course to get the music basics under the belt and up to intermediate level (it covers grades 1 - 3).

    So should I get a Casio PX-150 or shouldn't I?

    Anyone else with a view to learning something completely new? Share your thoughts here.

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    Piano' s need a lot of space and tunig in humid tropics if yu have an air con condo maybe.I prefer the clarinet folds in to easily portable play thing ,if too shrill for you flute,tenor sax or maybe the violin?

    Local plastci ukelles are sold in markets for pennies with crap guitars, I'd guess many signed autographed Rolf Harris stylophone's will be at bargain prices on EGay.

    Enjoy,building and maintainng a ppizza oven, Koi pond or reclacitarnt untamed jungle girl will give you endless mirth
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
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