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    Westerners Deprived

    Get chubby while dreaming of getting laid....

    Pizzeria serves up a steamy side of p*rn

    It’s not the secret pizza sauce. It’s not the blend of Italian cheeses. And it’s not the spicy pepperoni.So, what is it that makes this pizza so popular? Porn.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, sex sells. And Canadian entrepreneur Corey Wildeman is exploiting this well-worn business adage to its fullest by serving steaming hot pizza — with a side of steaming hot pornography. And he has certainly aroused attention.

    When you order a pizza from Porno Pizza in Winnipeg, Ontario, you get a pornographic photo on the bottom of the cardboard box. The racy image is revealed as you eat the pizza.
    Link: Pizzeria serves up a steamy side of porn - What Were They Thinking -

    fookin' sad. Cold. Freezing. No Soi Yodsak.

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    Hmmm, some sad people, why not just make your own pizza and then serve it on a porno mag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milkman
    Westerners Deprived
    Its depraved, surely you mean depraved

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